R-DAS Tiny

The new R-DAS v4.0 !!

AED is proud to present the new R-DAS v4.0! The photo below shows three generations of R-DAS flight computer; R-DAS classic (obsolete), R-DAS compact (current version), and the new R-DAS v4.0, code name "tiny".

From left to right: R-DAS classic, R-DAS compact and R-DAS tiny.

New features

The new R-DAS has an exiting set of new features. The most important ones are:
Four independent igniter output ports
Dual axis accelerometer
Small printed circuit board (28x80mm / 1.1"x3.15"), fits in 29mm rockets!
USB interface: super-fast data download
Reduced power usage
More storage memory 
16x more processing power than the Classic/Compact

100% Backward compatibility

Compatible with all expansion boards
Same user interface

USB download and configuration

Super-fast downloads are now possible thanks to the USB interface. A full memory download now takes less than 12 seconds! The R-DAS Tiny comes with a USB cable.

More data memory 

The data memory is more than doubled. Here are some data logging examples:
29 minutes of acceleration and altitude data at 200 samples per second
8 minutes of 8 analog channels and digital status at 200 samples per second
When using lower sample rates the storage times become proportionally longer!

Modern micro-processor

A long term advantage is the modern micro-processor and the large amount of program memory. The processor is 16x faster than the one used in the Classic/Compact and has 8x more program memory. This enables us to implement new features in the future.

PCB layout

The R-DAS consists has three major connectors, see photo below. The brown power/igniter connector, the black expansion connector (100% compatible with previous R-DAS flight computer) and a USB connector. One cable harness for power/igniters will be shipped with each R-DAS.

PCB major components on the front side

PCB major components on the rear side


See the download page for the latest version of the instructions, the user interface and the firmware.

Pricing and availability

Current stock levels: In stock.  

The R-DAS Tiny unit price is Euro 220,- excluding V.A.T. (no V.A.T. for sales outside European Union). The unit comes with a USB cable and one power/igniter cable . We ship most articles from stock within one week after receiving your order. R-DAS units come with a one year warranty.